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how can i run this motor? Answered

i digged out this motor from an old floppy and i don't know how to run it
it has 4 wires : yellow , white , red and blue
and i want to use it
any ideas


Yep, it's a stepper motor.  Have a look at THIS tutorial for a very good overview and information on how to drive it.   If you take the helical shaft out of the cradle you may find it doesn't turn properly.  Usually those motors need some pressure on the shaft to work.

That is a stepper motor you will need to build or buy a circuit to drive it.

It's a stepper motor. Search for that term and you'll find Instructables which describe how these are operated. (Basically, there are separate coils which have to be energized in succession; it requires control circuitry, not just voltage.)