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how can i safely remove shellac stain from a laminated wood stock? Answered

I recently bought a Mosin Nagant rifle and the stock is in decent shape but the finish isn't so hot. it has a laminated wood stock and I was wondering how I could remove the old stain without any ill affects to the stock i have heard of people that have ruined the stock using stain removers? so any ideas will help thanks



Best Answer 8 years ago

I have a M-N M44 Carb that I am building a custom stock for. If I was rehabbing the original stock, I would just use sandpaper and a bit of elbow grease, and skip the chemicals. Based on the quality of the finish on my rifle, it wouldn't really take that much sanding to do the trick.

ya I was wondering if I could just sand it off. and do I need special stain or would any stain work?

Any stain will work, but you need to put a clearcoat (varnish, lacquer, clear polyurethane, etc) over the top of the stain too. Stain is for coloring and wood conditioning, and the clearcoat is for durability, waterproofing, and easy cleaning.

ok well thanks for the help man 

No problem. Let me know how it turns out. Also, I just thought of a downside to sanding it: you might lose some of the stamps/marks on the stock. Mine has about a dozen different marks (on the stock alone, many more on the action/barrel/etc.), and it is somewhat interesting to look up what they signify.

ya i thought of that too but i looked for markings and only found 3 so i can just lightly sand around them or something, but i might post something about it depending on how it turns out.