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how can i stop biting my nails?!? Answered

sometimes i pull out hang nails until my finger is bleeding. and i know it will bleed, but for some reason the satisfaction of pulling out that flawed edge of nail makes it worth it? or i'll eat the cuticles and leave red, sensitive skin exposed above my nails. i dont want to buy anything specific. is there any random household things that i could either eat or put on my nails or something to help me stop?


Honestly i stried chilli powder one's forgot about it then,... i rubbed my eye's ouch ! i was crying all night !!!!


9 years ago

Agostura Bitters.

Comes in a small bottle, and is added to drinks! (Go figure!).

Very bitter. A good aversion therapy.

Yup, chili powder. If you don't flinch at that, then habanero powder. And so on up the spicy scale until you can't stand to put the things near your mouth. You might also try sour or bitter. The taste of lychee would totally keep me from biting my nails.

You can cut of your finger then you can't bite them.

Chili + nails=BURN
Nail polish also tastes bad.