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how can i stop my aquarium from geting cloudy i have a saltwater reef aquarium its new. i set it up like 6 moth ago?... Answered

i don't know how it got cloudy but when i started was clear i had no livestock in the tank after the tank was runing time it needed i tested water it was ok but wen i add the livestock it cloudy over night how can that happen?



how big is your tank? what kind of fish are they? what kind of filtration do you have? from what I am hearing I am guessing that you overloaded the bioload of the system meaning even if your tank can handle that kind of fish you put in to many at once. the beneficial bacteria that breaks down ammonia into nitrites and then to nitrates can't handle that much waste. they say you should usually wait at least a few days before adding more livestock most people wait like a week when it comes to saltwater. to ditch the cloudy water do a water change maybe like 15-20% and that will help get rid of the cloudy water. next time you add livestock you should wait at least a few days before adding more livestock (snails and corals don't effect the bioload that much)

. That is probably ammonia. If your fish aren't already dead, add some ammonia absorber to the filtration system until the problem clears up. . If it is ammonia, then your under-gravel filter system is not functioning properly. You need to establish a nitrobacter colony ASAP.