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how can i transfer data file from sd card to my Windows PC through WIFI. Answered


I'm using the Arduino to log data on to an SD card and I would like to be able to transfer that file on the card to my Windows PC for further use it, through WIFI.

how can i make that possible.



If you want it really simple use a WiFi enabled SD.
WiFi SD's are getting quite cheap now and you won't have any problems programming as all is done already ;)

It is easy to connect phones with Windows PC via WiFi, but it is if you want to transfer files from SD card to Windows PC, it would be not that easy. I have tried many ways and only find this free app is the possible solution.

You can buy wifi-enabled SD cards. "Eye-fi" and "FlashAir" are two brands that spring to mind, but just search your favourite online retailer for wifi SD card.

Much easier than messing with programming if you can use a ready to go solution.
That way you can simply connect from your PC to the card and get what you need off it.

we have the wifi shield is that work..........

if it does what about the programmation side