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how can i upload a data file in my instructable? Answered

i'm new on this side, so when i wanted to upload a plan for my first instructable, i didnt know how.
so my question is really simpel: how can I upload files and add it to my instuctable?
thank you for upcoming answers!




4 years ago

stick it in a folder, use windows to make it into a zip folderr, then any file can be added like an image.

mhhh it doesnt work :(
i just want to attach my design in 123d design (.123dx)
uploading works fine but then there is nothing i could add

Files of all kinds can be added  using the "Add images" button. 

Just to sort of test this out, I am going to attempt to a attach a .pdf to this post, and also a picture of a beach ball, which happens to be a jpg.

By the way, I pulled both of those out my "Image Library"  which sort of goes to show the "Image Library" and the "Add Images" button can be used for, are used for, storing and managing file types other than those that are strictly picture files, like .gif and .jpg.


Up loading photos is easy when I make an Instructable I go to my library and chose my photos to up load, all other files I copy and paste the text into the Instructable. The reason I do that is not everyone has the right unzip or program to read the file, this way they can copy and paste it into the program they have.

With youtube video when you click on share it gives you a code to enter in your Instructable.