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how can i use WiFi network from my laptop to Samsung smart led TV via LAN cable coz my TV doesn't support WiFi network? Answered

or how can i use my laptop as a modem?



Well, you have a couple options. None of them is using your laptop, they all involve purchasing another device. Depending on how nice your landlord is, see if he/she will let you plug in a powerline extender such as this to next to wherever their router is located.  Then you plug the other unit next to your TV, and congrats!  You now have an ethernet port.

If that isn't an option, a wireless to ethernet bridge such as this can do the same thing, but will not be as fast, and will probably be more expensive.

Good luck!  :)

Plug a wireless router via RJ45 cable to the TV.

No I don't need that wiring coz I already have Ethernet input in my tv, but I don't have Internet modem at home, I am only getting WiFi network to use from landlord which I am renting.

Connect the TV as an external monitor for the laptop. All your surfing will still be done through the laptop but you'll have that nice large TV screen to display it all on. There are many wireless mic/keyboard/remote options available so you can leave the laptop near the TV and still sit back on your couch and control it all.

That was not my question, I have smart tv, I would like to use Internet on my tv to use Samsung application.