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how can i use a generator with a 72v electric bike? Answered

i read the article on how to make a 72v electric bike and a 96v electric bike and i was wondering if we could place another 72v motor inline with the main ( so when 1 motor rotates the othere also rotates at same speed producing electricity )and use the 2nd as a generator to charge the battery . if we could use a diode in the circuit so as to make the current flow from the 2nd motor to battery and not the other way.


Where does the energy come from to charge the batteries? L

Charging a battery requires a decent amount of current, so if you try and hook up the 2nd motor as a generator, the drag caused by the motor would slow you down a lot. This would only increase the load on the drive motor, causing it to eat up more current. In short, It won't work. If it did, we would have greater than 100% energy conversion, which is impossible

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No, stop thinking about this. You can't run and charge at the same time.
You may be able to use regenerative braking though.