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how can one clear double pane windows after their seal has broken? Answered

 the windows in our house have fogged between the panes. is there any way to clear them short of replacing them?



I've seen a method involving drilling a small hole in the bottom of the inside plane of glass and using a fish tank pump to remove all the moisture from it and then seal up the hole with mastic/window sealant.

Aha! Found the link, I knew I saw it somewhere!!

I don't know how tight together the panes are, but could you drill two holes in the gasket, and run warm air from a hair dryer between the panes?

You can't.  Double pane windows are made so that they are gas tight.  The adhesive that is used as a spacer is meant to hold up for 10-20 years and it would be almost impossible to get them apart.

The only way to make them clear again is to replace the glass or put in replacement frames.

How old are the windows?  There were several brands that had an early fail rate and the mfg. were replacing them all even out of warantee.  you might look into that.  My parents had 10-12 windows replaced like that.

It's difficult, I'd seek professional advice as to whether the pane is better fixed or replaced.