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how can we open a locked westlock door knob when the lock seems to be broken? Answered

The lock seems to be unlocked but we still cannot open the door. We have removed the knob on both sides, but still cannot find a release for the lock from the inside or the outside of the door. any suggestions??


If you're "fixing" it for someone else, the police would be glad to "help". Prettymuch NachoMahma covers it. The locking mechanism is most likely in one of the knobs. Just use a screwdriver to turn the piece in the bolt that the knobs would turn. The problem could also be in the bolt though and not the knobs. The knobs won't turn if the bolt is stuck, as though it was locked. Maybe you can 'jimmy' it by putting something between the door and the jamb to push it in. If it's really stuck though, you'll have to attack it from the hinge side. The hinge pins come out. I use a hammer and a pin punch to hammer on the bottom and drive the pin up and out. With the hinge pins out, the door should push in from the other side.


9 years ago

If you cant operate the lock remove the hinge pins and remove the door. remove handles and square shaft. Then you will be able to remove the screws on the edge of the door and the lock assembly. Replace with a similar sized lock keeping in mind the "square " and the striker line up

change that lock into a flea put that flea in a box put that box in another box and and mail it to your self then SMASH IT WITH A HAMMAH

Does the door set have a key on both sides? then removing the knobs will not help. does the latch have a small D shaped pin on the flat side ? that pin will not allow the latch to retract till the pin is fully out .Hacksaw off the d pin and then can "card the lock" I understand both sides of door are accessable?pull out the hinge pins ,swing out the door then work on the lock .

. There is usually a square shaped drive for the striker when you remove the handles. You should be able to sick a large screwdriver in the square hole an d twist to open. . Some strikers have a smaller "bolt" that will lock the striker if pushed in. You may just need to push or pull on the door to release the interlock while turning the knob.