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how can you keep your aquarium smelling good? Answered

I have a 10-20 gallon tank and it stinks really bad... It smells like the dump!... My filter works and all but it still stinks... none of my fishes are dead...how can I keep it smelling good?


filtration is the answer to almost all water problems,be it home pool pond or fish tank,overfeeding is the most major cause of the need to filtrate the water  so much another thing contributing will be over crowding. First make sure your tank has enough filtration just because you have a filter doesn't mean its big enough.The box might say for 20 gallon tank, but you notice it doesnt say for 20 gallon tank with 20 fish and a pound of food in it! You need to think of your tank as a small section of a lake/stream some fish live at the top some middle some bottom. Each has his/ her job in the ecosystem, dont overload any one part and make sure the bottom is represented! Then add an air stone or two for water circulation, you want the mini lake you have made to have some current! And definitly make,buy a vacuum to clean out some of the bottom debris take about a third of the water level from the bottom including as much funk that is trapped in the gravel. Replace with properly prepaired water and you will cure your problem. Read up a bit on the inhabitants of your artificial world you are creating and it will be much more rewarding for both you and the inhabitants. Good luck and enjoy your fish!

There are probably hundreds of reasons. So my question is, all the points that I'm going to mention here as part of your routine maintenance? 1) Regular water changes? 2) Is your filter working well and not clogging? 3) How often do you do aquarium cleaning like removing large debris like dead leaves, uneaten solid food? Usually introducing pleco as algae eater will help to solve the problem. 4) Are you overfeeding your fish and providing live foods like tubifex worm? Live foods usually contribute towards fouling of aquarium water. Cut down the amount and replace it with dried nutritious pellets 5) Is your aquarium fully cycled? 6) Does the aquarium setup and placement of decoration leave space for accumulation of waste which you have difficulty to remove? That's all I can think of for now...

. Aeration will help. Anything that will stir up the surface of the water. . Stop feeding the fish for a day or two. Then make sure you are not overfeeding. . Use an under-gravel filter. For a 10 gallon tank, an air lift (bubbler) will work OK; for larger tanks, use a power head. . Make sure you don't have the tank over-populated. . Clean the filter. Clean the filter. Clean the filter. Change the filter media if needed. . When making water changes, change no more that 10-15% of the water each day. Fast water changes will stress the fish. . Bigger tanks are easier to maintain.

You must be lacking air/oxygen - get some in there before your fish do die! Also, take some of the water out and replace it with fresh. And clean the filter?