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how can you make ramen noodles healthier? Answered

how can you make your ramen noodles healthy and taste good?
and without using the flavoring packet


I usually replace half of the seasoning pack with other seasonings. What I am using now is some Old Bay which is lower in sodium, also something like Mrs Dash no salt seasonings is a good choice. I also add frozen or left over veggies, slices of meat, or even dried veggies from the seasoning section of the grocery.

Most people in America just know ramen as the noodles and the broth/seasoning packet included, although I have never been to Japan, I have checked many videos about making more authentic ramen. Most have some sort of meat, and veggies, whole fresh herbs, and even edible flowers. It is an art that some set out to become a Master of.
The broth/stock is made like my grandmother used to make it for her recipes, cooking it all day to get the flavor of whole chickens and veggies. The noodles are hand made fresh.

To make a healthy ramen, bring canned broth or stock to a boil, add your choice of noodles (rice noodles, egg noodles, or any other type), when they are done, put them in a bowl. To the still hot water, add some thin sliced meat and/or your choice of veggies and/or raw egg and/or some fresh herbs. Heat for a minute or so, just enough to get them hot and not soggy. Place the extras onto the noodles and add the remaining broth.

Aside from the "solution-of-choice", (ie, you have enough money to snub inexpensive things like ramen), You can augment the soup with added ingredients.

I often add a beaten egg (slowly) right after the heat has been turned off, so that I get ramenegg drop soup. Been known to put left-over scraps of meat in, cooked hamburger, left-over brocolli, etc.. I also routinely modify the seasoning, either cutting back on it and adding some other spices or just adding others.

For those who can't afford to be snobs, there are plenty of ways around being totally devoid of health or pleasure.

If you're part of the 3-5-5% of the world population that has commandeered "health" discussions with their genetic failure at metabolizing salt or otherwise has flawed genes that lead to high blood pressure, well, you can do what you have to do with everything else, either choose to not use the seasoning packet or cut back on how much of it you use.

If you're worried about the huge minor caloric content of ramen noodles, you have bigger problems that whether you eat some noodles. In that case, you're probably an over-eating obese person who simply needs to to learn control your gluttony and stop stuffing your face with  free-range chicken, organically grown potatoes, and the fine suffle that your personal chef made for you, alot more than worrying about the small addition that a packet of ramen noodles produces.

best wishes

-Open package.
-Discard spice packet.
-Place noodle brick in fire pit or fire place.
-Light noodle brick.
-Use heat from fire to cook some vegetables.

Look at this the other way around: "What is healthy and tasty, that I can add noodles to?"
Vegetables in a thin soup or (veg) stock would be one idea, which Raving is pointing you to examples of.


Others suggest really good methods below:

I would recommend trying a rice noodle instead; to cut down on the saturated fat from the egg noodles.

The other naughty ingredient in ramen is of course sodium in salt or msg.  You can use less of the flavour packet, or more water and 'dont drink the soup' portion.  Other than that - powerful savoury flavours like others say, onion, garlic, etc add a lot of flavour but don't add salt.

Add onion powder or flakes, a little salt, some celantro or parsley, some chicken or fish.  I make mine with half the water suggested.

Make your own noodles from scratch, or otherwise replace them with a healthier variety of noodle?

I don't know of any other way to alter nutritional value of the noodles themselves.