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how can you make your dog fragrant? Answered

i have a pug whose very smelly and sheds too much so how can i prevent the smell and the shedding



try as you might- feeding your dog tic taks wont give him fresh breath. look in your local phone book/directory for a local dog/pet grooming buisness

I don't think you should put any products on it as it may be bad for your pets. I recommend that you comb it out a lot, and comb it before it tries to shed. Baths don't do a lot of good. The fur is the part that they need to lose. (The old stuff)

Check the pet aisles at the supermarket, or visit a specialist pet store, and look for conditioning shampoos.

How to make him/her smell nice you could put some essential oils on the underside of their collar, and regular grooming prevents excessive shedding.