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how can you make your profile picture a gif? Answered

 I notice that on some profile pictures, i'm not sure on instructables, but on kongregate, peoples profile pictures are gifs. i was wondering exactly how you could do this, and if you could do it on facebook , or instructables, or something else.



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well u should use a gif making site to make your gif. Make sure when you download it is says .gif at the end. Then go to a website that you have a profile (and of course a profile pic) an click change image or something of that sort and click downloads and click the .gif image and click save. That is  basically it. Just like Lemonie said: "the animation will ONLY work 99.9%+ of the time it's going to look no better or worse.

Source: Lemonie: Me 

I am having some troubles...TwitchTV says:Images must be no greater than 500kb. Acceptable file formats are GIF, JPG, and PNG. AND Image should be 16:9 to fill the entire video player.

NOW the trouble I'm having is...

I haven't really messed around with gifs ever before now but I found one that I think I would enjoy having as my video player banner and so I really wanna use it.

I try using it and it tells me that it failed sooo I just go into paint and resize it a bit and BAM it says it worked BUT it's not animated anymore and it's all pixely.

I don't really mind the pixels but the whole point of gifs are the animations.

THX in advance.

You upload a .gif, same as you uploaded the jpg you have.
But be advised: any transparency or animation only works on your page, 99.9%+ of the time it's going to look no better or worse.


Use a program like Paint.net to edit the photo in question and save as a gif.