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how can you rewire a personal mobility scooter to avoid the stock controls? Answered

I have a pride scooter that was my fathers, the control box on the steering column has gone out for the second time. I want to hack the chair to make a cart for my kids , it seems to me that one could use a foot pedal off a power grinder to by pass the safety laden devise on the column, any ideas?


how do I change the speed from 5mph to a little faster on a gladiator gt807 mobility scooter


1 year ago

pwm motor controller ebay, 9-60v @20a £6 . Remove original controller.add direction switch, speed pot , onn offf button.


Remove the horrible electric break device from motor, make mechanical break via Friction pads on tyres.

add more batterys ect


4 years ago

At the back end of these mobility scooters is the main controler i.e. "the scooters brain" This is the part you need to wire back to.You should be abled to find a wiring pin out online. controlers have normal power of around 24v dc so thats 24v to the controler and to the motor normaly you will see four thick wires red and black to motor red and a black from the battery bank these four wires are the voltage high power wires. there then is the lower power out and inputs you would need to make a throttle control OR POT around 5K TO 7K on your meter your testing with , also some use three wires two on a plate and one wipeing it the other slider type...you would need to wire in the following a inline fuse very inportent, the rear motor brake, the front brake, the throttle and cut off or key barrel switch...also remember some have cut offs under the seat incase you fall off....So your main task would be to find online what controller you have the rest is just common sence.

Thanks for your reply,I didnt make it clear about the type of foot controller that I had in mind; I have a dremmel tool  which plugs into the foot pedal. i realize that it is 110 v ;but even at 24 volt and several amps, the potentiometer of the foot pedal should work I would think.The motor controller is actually in the rear of the cart, and I think that the twist handel throttle is just actuating the controller in the rear in some way. Pride company will not release any schematics on their products ,or I could be more demonstrative in my description of the situation.

Most of the limiting in these things isn't done by the foot pedal, its done in the controller. An unregulated high power motor could snap your neck !


No, I've not been. They use some very serious linear motors on some of these thngs. 3.5G ? Crikey.

It says 0-60 in 2.8 seconds, but it was a cable-drive. The cable-puller appeared to be in a shipping-container under the track -I'd like to know how it worked (but am thinking: "a great-big electric-motor, what else?")