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how can you tell if a girl likes you? Answered

there is a girl i like but i dont know if she likes me



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 Based on jtobako's comment, I'll also assume ye're in yer early teens. That said, ye should be able to, by now, tell whether or not a girl has feelings for ye. The only thing I'd be worried about, if I were ye, is getting mixed signals. All the above mentioned are very obvious clues, but, in my opinion, the greatest tell-tale signal is the soft touch. If she frequently reaches out to touch  yer arm, shoulder, knee/leg (if ye're seated) or even abdominal/chest area, ye know she's got something in mind for ye. This also works both ways; if she responds positively to a light brush of the shoulder as ye walk past her or any such thing, ye know she feels the same for ye. There's a girl I like and know likes me back; we practically can't keep our hands off each other, non-sexually speaking, of course.

I normally wouldn't go for the asking her friends' friends, since I don't like getting word out too soon, but to each his own.

Hope this helps out, man.

The way you're asking, I'd guess you are 12-15.  You have to ask one of your friends to ask one of her friends.  That won't get you an answer, but it's the way things have always been done : )

that usually ends up just being akward, bt dubs

How can she tell if you like her? Same answers.

Does she smile when she sees you? Does she go out of her way to say hi? Does she spend longer talking to you than socially required? Has she invited you to join her at some activity -- a movie, a party, just going out for a walk around the block?

Of course all of that just indicates she likes you as a person and a  friend. But that's the place to start in any case -- be friends, then see whether that leads anywhere.

Note that you don't have to wait for her to make the first move. Invite her along next time a bunch of your friends (preferably a mixed group) are going out for pizza, or going bowling, or something of that sort; that's about as gentle a way of saying "hey, I'd like to spend more time with you" as you're going to get. Even if she isn't interested, she'll probably appreciate the invitation.

Unless , of course, she's five. In that case, if she hits you a lot or throws food at you it's a pretty good sign.

I'm going to say if she goes out of her way to be with you (and it's not like you guys are already good friends), she likes you.  Note: she could just be a friendly person, so you have to know if shes just a friendly person or if its something specific about you.


8 years ago

 Does she speak with you? Does she look nice at you? And if not, you should be strong and go to her and ask her out, cause maybe she is shy and likes you but doesn't know what to act..