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how can you upgrade from 419mb of ram? Answered

my computer has 419 megabytes of ram and has coped pretty well with with the amount of stuff i put on it.But when it comes to running newer programs and editing video it is s&%t.how can you upgrade the ram?



9 years ago

You can use CPU-Z to find what ram your computer uses,then go to the computer store and buy that kind of RAM.If you desire to use the 419mb too you have to get the frequencies matched up or they won't work.

It depends on: a) Whether you are using a desktop or laptop b) What type of RAM your motherboard takes. (I just upgraded my Laptops RAM to 3GB) A good make of RAM is Kingston and unless you are using a homemade computer you can use their Memory finder. Have a look at your computer manufacturers website to see how to upgrade it, they give good advice.

thanks for the comments theyve been very useful