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how could attached cooling fan, heat sink,particle bottle ring and reaction chamber in arc reactor? Answered

Ok. First off lets take a look at the blueprints for the arc reactor that is supposedly "Stark Tech" (link below)


how could attached cooling fan, heat sink,particle bottle ring and reaction chamber? i am confuse please help me.



i cant attached power converter and control module like shown blueprint please help

This just goes to show what happens when a designer happily draws something just "so" THEN the poor engineer has to take the design and try to make worldly sense out of it. I.E. to turn the paper image into real world tangible hardware.

i would use super glue it sticks most things.

If you still stuck (pun intended) try this site


Imagination is the Father of Invention.

In Australia we have only two rules for fixing things:
1. If you can't fix it use a bigger hammer.
2. If in doubt duct tape will fix all.

Check any patent online or in your library and you will have a hard time making a working device from the supplied drawings.
They are only meant to show things vital to the patent, but not the details required to make it.
But I am sure if you Email Mr. Stark e will help you.
Otherwisee the help and support pages of Stark Industries are always a good starting point, most designs are explained there with a bit more detail.
Of course I could check my garage for that old suit, salvage the entire arc reactor and take some detailes pics for, but not in a public forum - they might be watching you know....


2 years ago

It's classified. You don't have the clearance for that information. And you better be careful who you show those plans to also.