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how could i charge my sony ericsson with a usb connection to phone and connecting it to a regular home charger? Answered

I am unable to find a sony ericsson k850i charger, i've been to almost every single store that sells this particular charger.  It was either they don't carry them no more or they just don't have it in stock.  I'm really need in charging my cell phone.  I have a usb cord for the phone but it takes forever to charge my phone.  So i thought of cutting then end of the usb cord that connects to the phone and connect it to a regular sony ericsson charger.  There is one problem the usb cord has 4 different colors red, black, green, and white.  The home charger has the regular basic color black and red.  I can't figure what the green and white wires are for and if i need to connect them to the red and black wires as well in order for my phone to charge without causing damage.  So, how would i go on putting the wires together for my phone to charge like a normal charger by using a usb end cord?


What you should do (if you have a bit of electronic experience) is cut the end of the charger cable and strip the wires to revile (hopefully) two wires: black and red. Next you should get a female usb connector and solder the black and red wires to the correct pins. like I said, attempt this if you have some electronic experience

It's worth a try!

Black on the usb cable is minus and red is positive, match these up of the charger and plug it in. Just for you to know the green and white is data - and data +

A just as a note, you might need to bridge the green and white data wires for the phone to see that it's had somthing plugged in.

i have a Sony ericsson too and i agree that it takes forever to charge. i do know that the red and black wire have that copper wire in it. i am just guessing that maybe that the red and the black are for charging just like the charger. and the others ore for visual on the computer so those don't exactly matter. option 2 try combining the red with red and green and black with black and blue. option 3  is to just go on the internet and buy one for a cheap price. i am pretty sure the other two colors or for seeing it on the computer other wise try option 2 if no on else gives any other ideas go with option 3 and buy a new one
 hope this helped