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how could i convert a window air conditioner to refrigerator or something else? Answered


. While it is quite possible to do, it's one of those "if you have to ask, you shouldn't do it" things. All you have to do is put the evaporator in an insulated box, but it's a lot harder to do than to say. You will need to know how to modify high-pressure piping/tubing and recharge the system (vacuum pump and manifold gauge set). . And refrigerant recovery equipment is required to do it right. In many places, you are legally required to have a license to work with refrigerants.


7 months ago

this actually useful,

im my case if i can get the lower temperature for my server room systems work faster and stay healthy for longer period of time

so if anyone has a real solution for this please share

make it into a Hot Water Heat Pump.
Convert the A/C unit to a HEAT PUMP
This gives about 3 KW of energy for every one KW of electricity used.
That is, it should use only a third of the power that u use now, with a direct electric hot water tank.

Needs copper (soft) pipe, & a small water pump to circulate heated water to the hot water tank.
A pair of washing machine hoses, one connected to the tank drain, the other to a tee added to the outlet before the relief valve.

A thermostat to switch on/off when desired water temp is reached.

You can make a heat pump simply by turning it around and reinstalling in the window.

Thanks for your reply. The problem is that i do not want to make holes and install it on the wall. Any other suggestion?

Take apart/modify the enclosure. Whatever you do, don't open the 'system', meaning, don't break any seals, since no one wants to mess with refrigerant. But I bet if you mess around with the enclosure and maybe some dryer hose or something you could vent air to different places based on your needs. It might require screwing around with sheet metal or something. But whatever you do, don't let the coolant out, it's more trouble than it's worth.

What would you want to convert it into and why? L

I want to convert it to sth useful. I do not want to install it on the wall.