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how could i improve my phone signal? Answered

hi everyone, In mi office there isn't celular signal, my celular phone doesn't work there. How could i get the celular signal for my phone?, could it be fixed with some special antenna? do you have any instructable about that? thank you very much in advance.?



8 years ago

1) Is a jammer being used in your office? If so. you're probably out of luck.

2) Check with other people in your office and see if they are having a problem. If not, you may want to consider changing providers.

3) Make sure your battery has a full charge. Weak batteries contribute to poor reception.

4) Move as close as is possible to an exterior window or go outside the building.

5) Find out if there is an antenna upgrade for your particular phone.

If none of these help, I'm out of ideas.


In the theatre where RavingWife works, there's no reception at all. There's not a jammer or anything, it's just because of the construction of the building. All of the electrical wiring and the steel catwalk system over the stage seem to act as a Faraday cage to block the signal. If your building has similar construction, it may be the same kind of situation. The only solution we've found is to go outside.


all of these, plus

You can get cel phone relays - they have a larger high-gain antenna, mounted inside or outside, and then act 'as' a cel phone tower - amplifying duplex communication between a phone and a tower by acting as an inbetween.

They are expensive, and ususally must be rented/installed by the cel phone provider in large commercial applications like office towers or big metal warehouses where reception is vital.

I forgot to mention - don't fall for ANYTHING that attaches to your cel phone.  It is lying.