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how did the 1st vampire come about? :D? Answered

please don't include dracula he is not ORIGIN plus the movies and books are too misty around him


Vampires were and still are one of the most feared creatures here on earth but the movie twilight SUCKED making vampires not a point of interest for many.

My mistake I meant "The Vampire" by Heinrich August Ossenfelder is a poem that predates the John's novel by another 50 years. John's novel predates Stoker by 78 years. Unless Stoker is a vampire himself...

Story tellers way back before there were books, sat around campfires and told stories of vampires to explain unexplained deaths.

If you pay attention to the vampire attacks of the time, they happened at night while the person was sleeping-and the 'solution' to the nightmares was to put the dead person to rest permanently. So they didn't explain deaths, but to help the living cope with nightmares.

Bram stoker invented them.

There are a near-infinite number of answers to that, depending on exactly which legend you prefer. It'd be easier to cite the first known literary reference to the word "vampire" and its semantic antecedents -- but equivalent creatures undoubtedly predate that word.

I would bet the concept has been around almost as long as mankind has been around.


7 years ago

Spontaneous combustion.

30 years from now someone obsessed with vampires will gentically alter themselves or their children to have fangs and drink blood. Curiously, they'll forget to include the weaknesses, and that's when the movie Daybreakers will occur.