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how did you find knex guns or why did you start to build them? Answered

tell the short version I started by browsing youtube and I came across lego guns so i built some of my own. they were cool but I wanted more. So I busted out my old knex and checked out ibles for instructions lately ive made mostly my own designs trying to learn and experiment with diff mechs.


well after I joined the site I searched for knex and it was one of the first results of course that was in the late age of thick hoppers and block triggers.

I started browsing for randon knex models when I came across http://knexinstructions.weebly.com/

plain boredom made me wonder if there was such thing as a knex gun soon I found this place made other peoples pistols.just last week I designed my first pistol I knew how to make them ram rod, handle, barrel, trigger.by the time you make your third pistol it comes easy,made my 3rd one today in like 10 mins. my 1st and 2nd came in like 30-40 minutes.now I can design in my sleep.

Boredom made me search Knex and M4A1 on Google, and found K'nex guns. Then I made the zenith of all K'nex pullback guns, shooting accurately, powerfully, and quickly while it looks great and firm. The instructables for it is in creation. Slingshots tend to jam up more than this, so I do pullback. This is a sniper, and it's AWESOME.

 10 years ago, my class recieved a set of lego for each person. after completing some models, I decided to have free play. I asked my friend for his set and then I made this basic crossbow thing. So then I thought, "maybe I can get it to shoot" so I added a ram and slipped the rubber band on it. I spent a while, around 10 weeks, perfecting it. Then I thought about the knex I had at home. So i made some basic crap which shot 15 feet. I tried making mags and stuff. But  I had a bad experience so I stick with pistols and never snipers and large mags. The END


8 years ago

off of google i searched of something made out of knex-i cant remember what- and like the first five search answers were instructables.com


8 years ago

I knew instructables earlier before knex guns, but it was only for NERF mods. I found it went on it for awhile, then went on to play powder game most of the time. I went back on a bout a week later, it was only a matter of time before i forgot to put NERF in the seach bar, and i found a knex BOW. Then it went all crazy.

Same as the others 1.try to make a non-working 1 2.youtubing-google 3.instructables

I was wanting to build my own knex gun, and stumbled on this site earlier after searching for maze making ibles. When I searched on how to make my own gun, all it was was knex. I made my own knex gun with what little knex I had, then it all took off from there.

when I started I was 7 I made models that didn't shoot and I thought I was the only one in the world who did that by a few years later I was on youtube and I thought lets see if people made knex guns and I look and saw a vid of srv1 with a link to instructables and then from then on I build shooting knex guns

long story short: got given a set of instructions by a friend on how to make a knex crossbow, left it at that, got re-interested a year or two later, had a look on youtube tried to make my own guns, failed, look some more and built my first mildly successful gun the CMPG and just kept moving from there.

I was on youtube and was looking at machine guns. Then one of the links in related videos was the Knexecutioner. Then I was looking for instructions for K'nex guns (google), and I kept coming across this site, and always skipped passed it. Eventually I decided to try this site out.


9 years ago

well a long long time ago in primary school there was a kid who used to take pieces from the primary school to build guns and i went to his house one day and played with them then about a year ago i found myself bored and searching random stuff on the computer and decided to search knex gun and eventually found myself on this site so the next day i went out and bought a tub and have been building ever since im super mad at myself for not realising how good those teachers pieces were she had so many hinges and various other good parts i would have taken like 10 yellow connectors every time and sometimes taken hinges and clear rods oh well if only i hadda known back then

About 5 years ago, I was fiddling around with some knex, and somehow, a piece flew across the room. I made a gun! The next week, I bought 3 tubs of knex from a yard sale.

my story is kind of funny: first i LOVED legos, i didn't have many but they were fun. then one day after christmas (before which my mom asked if i wanted a lot of knex for christmas and i said no because i didn't build with them anymore.) i looked for a lego trebuchet for school, i couldn't find any that were good. then i looked for knex trebuchet found a ton of knex built a (non working) trebuchet then started on killerk's magnum. i could not get the mechanism to work so i built Viccie. B1993's K.B.K. that was cool so i kept building. i was mad about not getting the knex for christmas, so i had to get them for my birthday (june.)

Well, i once came across a Knex gun video, and i was already into K'nex but i kinda slacked off. When i saw that vid, there was a link to Instructables. I clicked it. I saw a crazy amount of guns, and after experimenting for a few months with barrel designs, magazines, etc. I decided to make an Ible, and it turned out to be quite popular, so i went on in making them. Well, thats kinda my story of how i got here. Hope you got your question answered ;)