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how do I add arduino libraries using my pi? Answered

I tried this but it doesn't want to work right my pi wont let me move my folders for the libraries and examples


You want to use Arduino Libraries with your Pi? Or are you trying to use Arduino on the Pi and you want to move folders around? Have you checked the Pi forums for solutions?

ok it said: permission denied when I try to extract it to the libraries folder

I think I need to try downloading it directly to the /usr/share/arduino folder

no I haven't checked I am trying to upload sketches to my arduino with my pi


4 years ago

  1. If the library's are textual  GOTO_3
  2. If the library's are hex GOTO_6
  3. Move the text into the assembler
  4. Generate code
  5. Debug code in simulator
  6. Upload code to target
  7. RUN  device

It says that there is an error moving the files I think one of the files is corrupted so I may have to re-download the libraries and examples from github