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how do I add bluetooth to my simple usb keyboard? Answered

Is it possible to make a self powered solar/battery usb bluetooth dongle?

Would a solar collector from a solar calculator provide enough power to energize the bluetooth dongle?

I have a simple flexible usb keyboard that I would like to use with my htc smartphone. How do I add a usb bluetooth dongle to the keyboard.


No, its not simple. USB devices exist as "hosts" and "slaves", slaves only talk to hosts and not to each other, what you are trying to do is get two slaves to talk to each other, and without a host in the middle (keyboard - host - dongle) you can't do it.


Yes thank you I understand now. Thanks for the information.

I don't know how well this idea would work, you're transforming one type of signal into another, and then transmitting it wirelessly... If it could be done, the parts list would be big, complicated, and expensive.
As for the solar collector: are you talking about the blueish photovoltaic cell or the thin black strip that turns off the calculator when you cover it up? If its the latter, then it isn't a power source. It's a variable resistor that changes its resistance depending on the light hitting it. When the resistance is high (covered) it tells the calculator to turn off.

I have just purchased a silcone bluetooth keyboard. I was hoping that I could reproduce that sort of thing using a usb keyboard that I already have.

I was hoping that I could power a usb bluetooth dongle with batteries or a photovoltaic cell and plug it into the usb keyboard after sexchanging the dongle. then I could use the the usb keyboard and modified dongle with my smartphone which has bluetooth capability.

Is that not a workable idea?

I'm not sure. Typically, bluetooth devices have their own identifying 'code' kind of like and IP address. (You've seen them whenever you try and connect devices.) I don't know how you will generate that, because I'm pretty sure the dongles are merely antennae. All of the data processing is done in your computer and spit out the dongle's antenna. So, you would need some type of basic processor in that old keyboard and program it to work the right way.

If you have an old dongle, give it a try. Just remember USB power is 5V DC, so you'll need a 5V regulator that you can pick up at radioshack. (They're pretty cheap.) Here's the Wikipedia article on USB. The 'physical appearance' category will help you with wiring.