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how do I change the engine air filter on a 530d bmw 35reg.? Answered


Do you have a good sized plastic box on top of the engine that says BMW on it.

If so, see those metal clips holding the top on?  Pop those clips off and the box will lift right up. 

Now, see that dirty, dusty pleated "paper" thing with the rubber gasket around it?  That's the air filter.  Remove the old one and replace with a new one.  Make sure the new one is seated properly all around.

Replace the top and make sure it's seated right and push the retaining clips back on.

thanks re-design, I think thats for the cabin filters. I'm interested in the engine air filter. I'm asuming that the 530d is the same as a petrol enine ie. it has a air filter on top of the carborater, A round thing under the engine cover. Or an I totaly barking up the wrong tree?I am going to tryand do a bit more on the car myself. I'm not a rich man, I work for a living. But I do like driving a bmw, it's the best car I've ever had, but every time I go to the bmw dealer they take the attitude that price is no object. I think they have the attitude that if you can afford o drive a bmw you can afford any repair costs. If you try and explain that I'm not a miillionier, there not interested. It's putting me off driving a bmw; a car I like a lot.  Thanks tom.

Well now I did mean under the hood.  I didn't really think I had to mention that but if I did please insert that little bit of info when you read my answer.

And it may be round.  Some are round and some are square/rectangular.  Not having the exact model you specified I can't be sure of the shape.

If you don't want to fork out the price of dealer maintenance you need to do some studying and find out what your really need to know so you don't let a noise or leak go on thinking it's nothing or waste your money when it is nothing.

There are books available in diy autoparts shops that are bmw specific.  They won't be as detailed as a real dealer service manual is but you are not at the point where you need a service manual.

Chilton books come to mind and there are others.

Good luck.