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how do I connect 2 stepper motors for a single Axis using two different drivers (slaved drives so I dont lose current)? Answered

I am currently building a cnc machine and realized that if I use two NEMA 23 to operate the Y-Axis from one controller, each would get half the current, I don't really have an understanding of electrical components but I keep reading forums suggesting I slav two drivers together using one signal input, I found the wiring diagram for the cnc I'm building and was wondering if someone could explain it to me or draw a diagram. 
My understanding is I can use another driver that is powered separately but I run the signal wires for both motors from the same source, would this work or would this cause hardware issues or destroy the board. I would really appreciate any and all help.

I've included the image from the build I found, I was hoping someone could draw ontop of this or explain it to me in a diagram.


You do realise that the current can be adjusted on the stepper driver?
Using two motors in parallel means using a driver that can handle at least twice the current of a single motor.
And if adjusted correctly it just works fine....

Do you know which driver would be suitable to work with the RAMPs shield or one that could work with the diagram provided?