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how do I connect my 3d printer to the internet? Answered

right now i have one computer that can control my printer via octoprint on a raspberry pi with this setup. i would like to be able to bridge my wifi network and lan network then port forward the internet connected router.so i can access the printer anywhere but i have no idea how to do that with my strange setup. the network switch is only there because i don't have a Ethernet cable long enough to reach the router. unfortunately wiring the raspberry pi to the internet connected router is out of the question because it is a few rooms over and would require running the cable through walls. also i would like to do this without buying a WiFi adapter for the raspberry pi or anything else that costs money. help would be greatly appreciated thanks a ton.


Have you tried connecting the raspberry pi to the router directly and get port forwarding to work?

I am no expert on internets but i have seen this problem before. The network switch is creating its own network with its own ip address for the ports. So according to your router, it thinks the switch is a device and will not see anything past it.

I dont know if this would be possible but you would have to put your switch into bridge mode.

The cheapeast option would be the wifi adapter. you can probably get one cheaper than buying a spool of cat5 cable.

The network info is incorrect. The switch is an 'invisible' device on a network. It does not give out addresses, it does not change addresses at all. A switch simply forwards data packets.

I think you just have to set up port forwarding to the pi. Assign the pi a static IP address and search octoprint to find out what port to forward

ok thanks I already know how to forward the pi under normal conditions. so what im getting from that is assign the pi an ip address on the non internet connected router then find that ip on the internet connected router and forward it? wont my computers ip just show up not the pi's?