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how do I copy my hard drive so when I have a crash I can put in the copy and go back to a time when it was working? Answered

I have a number of family members that seem to have a knack for doing things to computers that make them unhappy. I just spent a lot of time trying to reinstall XP on a machine that was not cooperating and then more time installing some of the programs I need. What is a easy (idiot proof) way to make a copy of the hard disk so when I have a system crash I can just replace the hard disk with the back up and not have to struggle with reinstalling windows?


Well why don't you install any programs like Comp Lock or something to lock and grant little acces to other members and limit their possibilities of doing anything harm to the computer. In case you don't want to use this i suggest you to use http://www.dmailer.com/dmailer-backup.html to back up your data , is free and you can also save ur backup online on their servers. Backup and restore is simple as pressing one button. Take care and keep an eye on them :P

use clonehd just google it it will be first on the list super easy i have seen kids use it.just burn to cd and follow the prompts!

You could always plug your hard drive into another running computer, using a second SATA cable, and just transfer your entire partition to the other hard drive but there must be sufficient space on the one you are trying to copy to.

I recommend using a live CD with Hiren's Boot on it. after you created the CD put it into your CD/DVD drive and boot from it ,create a image of the system and save it on the other partition of your hard drive. when a virus gets in or your PC crashes just boot from it again and copy the image over the system this will restore it to the moment you created the image. hope this helps

Uhh, Windows Restore...?

I think you misunderstood me. I want to make a copy of my entire hard drive on a second disk drive so if one disk gets messed up I can just swap it out. I have had them get so messed up I could not even get windows to start.