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how do I create a free community web site? Answered

I am president of a small community and think a web site would be helpful in getting information out. There aren't enough homes or dues, so the domain name would need to be free. I can't seem to figure out how to do this.


I may be late, this request is over a year old.

I write web sites for Christian groups and charitable organizations. If I can be of assistance please contact me.


Learn about Joomla!

My preferential provider is www.hpage.com I could built there my website completely comfortably without programming knowledge. www.hpage.com offers many advantages compared to other providers of webspace: for instance an unlimited amount of sites, lots of capacity to store your own graphics, music, downloads, etc. and: the best is that everything is absolutely for free.

. I recently used Webstrike Solutions to rent a server and register a DN. 53 USD for the DN registration and first year of server rental. It's not free, but very reasonable.

You could make a forum like coolbb.net

Sometimes a mailing list is all that's necessary. You can create one at http://groups.google.com where you and other folks can join the group and participate in discussions.

You have a couple different options: ning and google. Check out ning.com and sites.google.com. Both of which are free.