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how do I directly hook up my throttle to a gas peddle? Answered

I have a 12.5 horse briggs motor on my craftsman and I would like to make it faster please help


If it's a briggs and stratton motor it also has a governor.  IF you look under the cowling near the finned flywheel there is a little vane.  That vane is attached to the throttle in most engines and when the air from the flywheel gets to a certain power it closes the throttle and lowers engine speed.  If you need more power like deep grass the engine slows down and the throttle opens up more.

You can bypass this but doing so will over speed the motor and shorten the life of the motor.  Say goodby to any warantee.

Well it depends, if it's got a second top speed governor or not, you could install a new governor to make sure it doesn't over rev too much...

The throttle should be easy. Faster is harder, because if you try to exceed the design top-speed you're likely to break it. Anyway, you could take off the exhaust and make a more free-flowing air filter.