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how do I drop an egg from a two story building and not let it break? Answer by friday. Answered

Dido and the rules are simple the egg must be visible at all times. I was thinking maybe in a bottle filled with water. The egg will be supplied and it should be easy enough to make in 1 or 2 periods of school. Thats about 1-1hour 45min. and I can't be under it to catch it with a sheet. It is a raw egg. No ideas on how to cheat please. answer by friday thanks Miiwii3


Tie a string around the middle of the egg horizontally and tape/glue the string to the inside of the bottle or attach it in some way so that it has a little slack but not too much so it will hit the sides or too little. Then fill the bottle with water. A 2 liter bottle would work best. Source: I used to be in SECME, a competition with that challenge in it.


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put in a jar of peanut butter

The jar is going to break there's gunna be glass everywhere


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Judging from comments made 5 years ago, I'm guessing my comment will be pretty useless.


a box, cut sponges to add a light layer of protections. Bring jelly,
gel, any material of that sort. Stuff the egg in that. Cover top with
paper then lightly tape it to make it easily removable. Add straws on
the bottom to reduce impact.

You could just hallow out a thick, yet light fruit (like a grapefruit, pomelo, part of a pineapple) and drop it.

Don't make the mistake I made, water doesn't compact very well nor did it absorb a lot of the shock.

A water bottle stuffed with paper might actually work though.

A small parachute?

Get a transparent box. Make a crown for the egg so it slips over the top and no further but will not break. Glue a rubber band to the top of the egg. Glue 4 rubber bands to the edges of the crown. Get a massive spring and place the egg in the middle of the springon top. The spring has to be large enough so the egg sits on top but dosent slide down. Glue the rubber band and spring to the center of the bottom of the box. Glue the 4 rubber bands to the corners of the box. Make a parachute for the box and drop it. This should work but has never been tested.

put it in some balistic gell! duhhhh

tape a string to the egg and make sure it has enough slack to not quite hit the ground, drop the egg and if the string is thick enough the egg will not break, then just lower it to the ground.

drop it from a 3 story building

Drop it from the two storey balcony, Run downstairs really damned fast and catch it. Easy, peasey, it was a trick question.

put it inside a balloon with helium and it will safely make its way down

I have heard that saw dust works quite well for cushioning eggs.

Make a GIANTnest out of toilet paper and stick the egg right on the middle of the nest with double sided tape. If you really want to play it safe, line the whole inside of the nest with double sided tape.