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how do I get a 10 day off Answered

It is in the army



I'm afraid that unless the army sees fit to send you on a ten day leave, you're kinda stuck. That's part of the deal you struck by joining the military.

I can't say I understand your situation completely, as I am not military (although I've done quite a bit of work in support of the military in the past), but I do understand the tough situation of having an LDR...At some point, you just have to accept that they'll either be there when you come home, or they won't. If things are going South, you might need to grit your teeth and accept that relationships fail, do your job well, don't get into too much trouble, and try to take advantage of the opportunities that the military can offer you (not being snide...they  do offer a wide variety of skill training aside from carrying a gun).

Many women appreciate military men, and you're quite young, with plentty of time to find a great girl and have loads of children if you do your job well and keep your head down when the bullets fly.

As Kiteman suggests, Skype or similar is your best bet. Try not to see the dark side of things when you're talking to her. Let her know you miss her, and try to buck up...Don't be weak or whiny.. Do be tender, patient, and tolerant .Most women I've known are leary of weak men and appreciate tpt.

best wishes.

Step on a very small landmine?

Seriously - unless it's an emergency (funeral etc), you're not going to get it.  The UK forces do not grant leave to overseas troops if their wife gives birth, so "to see my girl" is way out the question.

Instead, try Skype or other internet message system with a video feed. 

You ask for it. If they tell you no, you're stuck. You're the one who went into the army; that means living by their rules.

Outside the military, you may also be unable to get 10 days off at a specific time, depending on your employer's needs. But in most jobs, if you give sufficient advance notice it can be arranged at most times... though depending on the job and how long you've been there, it may be unpaid time and/or you may have to work overtime to make it up and/or you may have to schedule it around dates that are critical for the business.

Welcome to Real Life. Either wait and see your girl when the work schedule permits it, or get her to come visit you if that's permitted.

You claim to be a "privt e2 in the marines", in Iran(?) with interests in war and killing. I should stay there, ask for some more missions - you might get hospitalised and get your 10 days off that way.


You could have a close relative die and ask for leave... You know as well as anyone else how to get time off, surely? What are the rules?