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how do I get bags out from under my mom's eyes? Answered

my mom wants the bags out from under her eyes.



Eyevive is a product that will minimize additional harm to the susceptible eye area, to reduce the looks associated with existing damage, and to maximize the radiance of the eyes.

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Easiest way to get rid of bags is to take out the trash, but I don't think that's what you had in mind.

Used tea bags are excellent for those unsightly bags under our eyes. Have your mom apply on her eyes used tea bags after they have cooled down. I read that the tannic acid in tea is good for the saddle bags under our eyes. I hope that she feels much better!

Start being nicer to her and quit giving here so much trouble.

Alergies can cause puffiness under the eyes also.


8 years ago

Preperation H does not reduce puffy eyes. Short of surgery, this is about the only thing that works:
(1) Sleep with your head slightly elevated to minimize fluid retention.
(2) Avoid booze and salty foods, which can cause water retention.
(3) If you have allergies, take antihistamines and don't rub your eyes.
(4) Remove any makeup carefully to avoid getting particles in your eyes.
(5) To avoid dryness that can lead to irritation and puffiness, use a moisturizer.