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how do I git rid of my dog's bad case of GAS? Answered


Our vet told us to give our rottweiller gas x pills once a day..just the generic ones..works great..she still has gas at times, but not all day like before :)

try changing the dogs diet expiriment with different brands and types of food -give it 4 days on each to see if it has eny effect. (if your dog still farts- bob phil mcmooow has the right answer)

To quote the joke "Me no stupid, me no dumb, me stick cork up doggy's bum" Sorry.

Check with your vet, but I think charcoal dog biscuits are supposed to help with gas problems.

I am given to understand that adding fresh parsley to his food is effective at eliminating the odours of flatulence.


9 years ago

take your dog to the park (or some neighbor you hate's front yard!) and let him eat some grass, it naturally settles their stomach (or makes them puke up whatever gives them gas!) I'm no pet nutritionist, but I would talk to your vet about alternatives to the high protein dog food, if he even needs it! Some veterinarians get kickbacks for recommending certain brands dog food, and will tell you to use a type of dog food that your pet really doesn't need.

Well, we only give it to him during hunting season.

My dog gets gas from High Protein dog food.