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how do I hook my desktop keyboard to my laptop? Answered

I hooked my laptop up to a bigger computer monitor and I also have an external mouse, I wanna be able to use an external keyboard as well. I have an old desktop keyboard but there is no slot in the laptop to plug it in. I do not want to spend money on  a usb keyboard. would snipping the end of the wire and soldering a usb plug to it work?? thanks


No, that won't work. Completely different protocols.

However, you can buy adapters for a few bucks that will do exactly what you want. Plug the keyboard into the adapter, plug the adapter into the USB port, done. Any decent store that sells PC accessories should be able to sell you one of these.

2 minutes apart this time. Wonder what happens if they are exactly at the same time.

If the web server is designed properly (transactional locking/queueing), simultaneous input should get sequenced. If it isn't, various unpleasant things could happen.

Getting a USB keyboard is another good answer. Cheap (lousy) keyboards may not cost much more than the adapter. On the other hand, I have deliberately maintained a small stockpile of the old IBM keyboards because I Really Like their tactile feedback, and I adapt them when necessary.

I purchased an adapter and the results are device not recognized I tried the keyboard on several different computers, any advice/suggestions? Thank you in advance, Zonell Wright zonellwright@yahoo.com

HAHAHA thanks everyone, I guess Ill have to buy a usb adapter

Tip for you:
Much of the time connectors and sockets are different in order to stop people connecting the wrong things together (because they're not directly compatible).



7 years ago

No, you can't just cut the cable and solder it to a USB connector. But you can buy converters that will go from PS2 to USB. You might be able to find one from a friend because they used to be common with mice to convert them to USB. More common though is to go from USB to PS2, A new USB keyboard would not cost you a lot. In fact you could get a wireless one and then use it for everything.

There are all kinds of them at NewEgg so you can check there.


7 years ago

Almost a guaranteed NO