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how do I kill the weeds in my backyard? Answered

We moved into a new apartment and now that the weather is nicer (we live in Texas) we finally ventured outside to discover the weed farm growing on top of what used to be a nice grassy backyard.  How do we restore the lawn without using too many chemicals?  This is our first time actually having a yard, being city folk, so we're totally clueless!  Halp!


I finally tackled the yard yesterday.  I got a push mower for cheap on craigslist and cut everything in sight!  Some of the weeds were knee high!  My husband build a compost bin out of free wood found on a curb and I filled it all the way up with weeds.  I really wanted to be an organic gardener, but I caved in and nuked the whole thing with weed & feed.  We'll see how it goes, thanks for the advice!

you can spray them with some thing that are avalible in most (hardware stores?) or you can dig them out of the garden which is the best thing and they will not grow again for a long time but it's back breaking job.


8 years ago

Do you have weed wands over there??

These are a long handled thing, the long stem in which you put correctly diluted weed-killer. You then dab the small brush thingy on the end,-onto the weeds. (I have one. Very handy!).

It's handy because it directs the substance directly where you want it to go. It is best to hit the weeds in their main growing period (Spring!), to get the best result.

I would be mowing (or scything??-how high is the grass/weeds?), and then  start the weed poisoning,-because you will see clearly which are the bad guys.

It is very difficult to find an organic solution, because lawn weeds are stubborn little .....!, and because they are interwoven with the lawn.

Otherwise? Cut....., and then get down on your hands and knees with one of those weed remover gizmo's.

I'll rent you my dogs for a couple of weeks, if you're not opposed to losing all the grass as well.

If you have grass in the lawn, and the weeds are tallish, try simply mowing it regularly.

If the whole lawn is a loss, and you have time (weeks), chop off or uproot as much as you can, then kill the rest back by covering with something light-proof, such as a layer of black sacks and old carpet.  Leave the cover long enough to kill everything and start it rotting, then uncover, rake and re-seed.

Our lawn used to be a long-grown flower bed.  We ended up digging the whole thing over, and lifting out all the stems and roots by rake and hand.  We never did get rid of the mint, but that causes no trouble, and smells pleasant when we mow it.

Hand weeding with hand held implements of destruction is the best way to de-weed a yard, but not the easiest.