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how do I make a 2.5 inch ide Hard adpater for my desktop from scrach? Answered

I dont have time to buy one oline right now so i just need to move the files off a regular 2.5" ide laptop HD to my desktop.


got to radio shack, buy an adapter, use it, then return it

Well, if you don't have time to buy an adapter, you might not have time to make one, either. If you have both connectors, then it's a matter of splicing the ribbon cables. If you had a wire wrap tool that can fit over the 2.5" connector pins, you could just wire wrap the 20 or so connections directly between your drive and mobo connector. (Every other connection is a ground wire which reduces noise on the signal lines when oriented in a ribbon cable. If you were wrapping with loose wires, you wouldn't need to connect them. Just use a continuity tester to see which pins are in common with the ground wire.) Obviously, you'd need a mobo with multiple IDE sockets for this to work. There's probably no easy fix... Unless you have an external 2.5" ide hard drive enclosure you can take apart.