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how do I make a air brush compressor from fridge? Answered

Hi, how do I make a compressor to run a air brush spray gun from a fridge compressor,  Iv'e taken a compressor from an old fridge, which  of the pipes do I need to block?  Any help appreciated         micky g 


How many pipes have you got ?

Hi Steve, there are three pipes,one is blocked off.

You need both pipes you have open then. The one the air blows out of is the one to the gun.....the other, vac line, you should ideally put an air filter on

The biggest problem with fridge compressors is that they tend to put a lot of oil in their outputs, which is death to airguns. You really need to add an oil filter, from your local air shop to the output line: You can get really clever (expensive :-( ) ones too that return the oil to the inlet side.

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