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how do I make a simple curcuit for a homemade robot? Answered

I know there is a way to take a simple, cheap motor and a battery and some wires and make the motor work. However I have no idea how. Please direct me to an instructable with photos for this, I want to try a project.  gotta figure out how to make the circuit work first.



What do you want to do?
I'm sure you can run a motor, but that's not what you want to ask about is it?


for this you connect 2 wires to the 2 power contacts on the motor. attatch the battery to the other ends of the wires, (put the + side on one, and the - side on the other) the motor will spin. put the wires on the opposite ends and the motor will spin in the opposite direction. you will have to strip some of the plastic coating off of the wires first, buy a cheap pair of wire strippers at the local radio shack. having a soldering iron or solder gun will help make the connections a little more permanent. search "how to soolder" here on instructables for some help with that. hope this helps!