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how do I make super huge sparks? Answered

I want to make sparks that can go up to 1-2' long to impressive my friend. My friends don't think I am good with electricity and I would like to Reall impressive them


Same problem, lol, except I solved it xD various ways: get a Neon Sign Transformer, you just plug it into the wall :P get a Microwave transformer, bit more dangerous, but gets firey arcs up to 11" Make a tesla coil get a microwave transformer, take off the HV windings and puting heavy gauge wire in to replace it. You get a few volts at hundereds of amps, you can melt steel and create a lot of sparks, but no arcs. those are the most reliable ways (and yes, I've tested them all :P)

it's also to make people think electricity is cool .

yeah, I hate when people underestimate me, like me and my friends were playing laser tag and one of the vests cracked open. All it was was a bunch of LEDs for color and a couple IR LEDs, a uController, and a display driver, and I was like "psh that's easy to make" and they were like "no way, that is soooo complicated and there's no way you could make that." then I was like "well, I just don't have the time, and I don't feel like spending the money." and then they're like "sure, definiteley." I hate that. Also, don't you look at all electronics in a different way once you're good at electronics? It's a gift, and a curse

i hate it when people do that to me. i tell people that i made something, and they have the same reaction as you get.

yes i tell them im building a robot and they just say yah right

Yeah, I get that same reaction from my friends too... :-(

a easy way is stick to wires in a socket and rub them it makes big fireworks kinda sparks and sometimes fuse together

one way to make cool sparks is get some iron wool and but a battery against it. it doesn't go to far but its fun to watch

Like guyfrom7up said for sparks / arcs this big, you need the kind of voltage that a Tesla coil can give you.


wait, did that say 2 feet!?! I thought it said inches yeah, Tesla coil is the way to go. Other options: vann de graff Marx generator