how do I pinstripe? Answered


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I have been drawing since I can write words on paper and I've been wondering how I could pinstripe. I've been trying to put off money to build a custom hot rod out of a Volkswagen, a volksrod, I may be thinking way to far ahead but it would be thing to learn if somebody asks me to paint there car.


If you have the talent in the arts and if you have a large dose of creativity then you would not have to worry much other than the materials that you will be needing. There are different tools and paint options. You can practice doing it on a very old car first before you finally do it on your very own car.

REal pinstriping is an ART.  Here's a great site to get started learning to strip.  If you can learn and are halfway decent you can earn a lot of money doing friends cars, motorcycles, helmets, guitars and other stuff.  Real pin striping looks fantastic.  The tools are inexpensive but the learning curve is long if you don't have a knack.  Being artistic is a must.  Take a look and see what you think.

Whilst you can do it by hand, there are specialist tools for "pinstriping"
This is just one example

all i can think of would be ducttape and spry paint =/