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how do I place a window in my house so that during the solstice, a beam shines inside, and only on those two days? Answered

I would like to have a couple of holes in my walls, such that on the equinoxes and solstices, a beam of light appears in my house. can't find anywhere online that has such information. Any ideas?


why do you want to know?

I just think it would be cool, to have something happen on those days. People have done that kind of thing in the past (stonehenge etc), and I thought that if it was small enough (the opening in the wall), I could have the light shine on the opposite wall to a marked spot. I don't intend to build a large window for this, I understand it would be a small ray of light, if I want it only to happen on the summer solstice (or other days). So...I just want it because I think it would be a cool thing. I'm not a druid or anything.

the shrine of rememberance in Melbourne Australia does this sort of thing for rememberance day. light shines on a certain place on the 11th of the 11th. like kiteman says - it's all about holes to let light in. you can't have a whole window that lets light in on solstice day. if you organised a stand and a cardboard tube and calculated (in accordance with you longitude and latitude) you can have the sunning shining down the tube for a a minute or so on solstice day.

That's four days. Solstices are the sun rising/setting farthest north and south. Try mirrors, adjust on the relevant day. Major problem-the sun covers about a half a degree but only moves about a tenth of a degree a day. You might be able to catch the edge of the solstices (difficult, you have less than a tenth of a degree to work with due to the daily change being smaller at that time). For the equinoxes the sun is changing position faster, but I don't think that there is any point that isn't covered by the two or three days to either side of the date. Look into the equation of time for sundials and you will see the problem.

if i get it right - the path of the sun in the sky changes. if you match 2 small windows so they pass light in the wanted day they'll pass it only in that day some1 correct me if im wrong

The data will be hard to find, because it is different for every location and altitude on the planet. You need to find out exactly where on the horizon the sun rises and sets on the days of the solstices, then construct holes that point in those directions. A local astronomy group should be able to help you with that.