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how do I remove humidity from a workshop? The deminsions are 12X12? Answered

I am working on paper mache props for a halloween party this weekend.  Yesterday a weather front moved in and rain rain rain.  Now they are calling for humid conditions for the next two days and my projects aren't complete.  The mache clay is not setting properly and I am afraid that I won't be done by Friday.


Or get a real dehumidifier, which may be more efficient for this task... though since you're on a short runway, this may be a matter of which one you can borrow more easily.

Gently heating the work may also help water evaporate out of it. Heating the room will increase how much water the air can hold.

Go out and hire a building dehumidifier from a hire shop locally - these things can shift several gallons a day. They'll only move moisture in the air though, so having box fans to stir things up is a great help.


Good point. Rental tool shops are a WONDERFUL resource for those things which you don't use often enough to justify buying.

. A small air conditioner makes a great dehumidifier. You can just set it in the middle of the room on a bucket or stool (to provide some elevation for drainage) and run the drain tubing (garden hose?) outside.