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how do I remove on/off switch from a dyson vacuum? Answered

the power cable to the switch in my dyson vacuum has a loose connection but I can't work out how to get access to the switch fitting?



Dyson DC04 upright. To be able to replace the cable to the switch you must first remove the brightly coloured on off switch button cover by pushing a small flat headed screw driver or similar, down the side of the switch button that is towards the middle of the machine, this will hopefully push a clip that is attached to the button to one side and allow it to be removed. Which will allow access to a torx screw which in turn holds the switch housing in place and when unscrewed, the housing should be easily removed. I hope this helps people. I am of to buy a new vacuum cleaner as I have destroyed mine in the process of finding this all out. I wish I had seen this first.

It's possible to find "exploded parts diagrams" for many appliances on websites which sell replacement parts. You would need to know exactly which model in order to find the right diagram, but that might show you enough about how the beast goes together to allow extracting and replacing the appropriate part...

...which might be the cable rather than the switch, or a fitting between them. Can't be certain until you've got it apart.

Remember, these things were designed to be cheap to manufacture, not easy to repair. That may mean non-obvious snap fittings, or needing to remove five other parts before you can get access to the switch, or a screwdriver tip that isn't one of the standard slot/cross/hex variants. (Torx, in particular, are common in manufactured goods.)

They're horrible things, you'll probably get somewhere with a screwdriver, but consider just replacing it (if old)


knowing which dyson would be help full (just incase there are diffrence's) but might be able to help!