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how do I renew xbox live membership? Answered

I bought a three month xbox live card for Target, I read it over and over, but I can't find the manage account button anywhere, and the xbox website from load any page(but other websites work fine) Please answer before I go insane...



Best Answer 8 years ago

If the xbox isn't nagging you to sign up or renew, then go to xbox.com and find their 800 number. They will be happy to get you more liveness. Also, you can purchase live memberships from game stores etc as a code entered into the xbox.

I'm sorry, I should make my question more informational.

So, you have the card in hand - but can't find the account settings in the xbox?

Exactly. I have the card, but can't find the option manage account to use the code provided.


if you can't read it:

xbox console>>my xbox area
select 'live profile'.
select 'manage account'>>'memberships'

"# Select the current membership, and then do one of the following things:

  • To convert your account to a pre-paid membership, select Change Payment Options then select Redeem Code.
  • To apply the additional pre-paid time to your existing credit card based subscription, select Redeem Code.

# Enter the pre-paid code, and then select Done to continue."

I figured it out. I needed to connect it to the internet. Once I did, it gave me the option.

If it helped, help me out and mark as answered! Thanks.

Well, you actually didn't say what I did, but you are the only one who answered... (I just used a USB cord to connect to the internet)