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how do I replace a badly broken concrete step? Do I use rebar with the new concrete ? Answered

what kind of concrete and how would I hold the concrete in place till it sets up? This is a top step


If it is really broken up you need to remove it a pour a new walk.

You must use a concrete chisel on small cracks to widen them. If the joining surfaces are not level try to chip away enough concrete to make the two surfaces as level as possible. Then you use something like a brush or broom to remove loose debris. Wet surface then apply wood glue to old concrete get quick rete and trowel fill hole and level with trowel.

use a small hammer to chip away any loose pieces off the step. Drill some holes into the step and place some lagbolts or concrete screws into the concrete. Leave the heads of the screws sticking out. These screws will give the NEW concrete something to hold on to. Dont let the screws stick out too far, or they will protrude outside the new concrete you will pour over the step. Next, build a wooden form around the step to contain the new concrete in a square shape even with the edges of the existing good steps. There is a product called "CONCRETE GLUE". You might want to paint the step with the glue to give it more adhesion. Mix enough concrete patch to fill the area and smooth it out on top. To prevent concrete from decaying, dont put SALT on your steps in the winter. Salt DESTROYS concrete. Instead, use gravel for traction or use alternative products like icemelt that does not contain salt.

remove all the loose stuff and just patch it up, or cast over it with new concrete

A photo would help you get a better answer.

Is the whole step cracked through, or has the surface and edges just spalled badly ?