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how do I scream? Answered

I can do a death growl for quite a long time, but I have never been able to scream.



Best Answer 8 years ago

it depends on what type of scream you want to do, if you want to just do harsh shouts, that would be tough to do and rough on you're thraot, you could do fry screams or false chord screams if you want. those are the two most common forms of musical sreaming at least in metal. there are plenty of videos on youtube and a number of decent tutorials online. there's a lot to know if you're interested, but learning about it and learning to do it are two seperate things. I find false chord screaming to be pretty easy, and it shouldn't be hard for you if you can already growl, it's similar in technique, you use your fasle vocal chords (glottal folds) to growl too. whatever you do make sure you know how to use your diaphram and always use it to do harsh vocals (like screaming). well ,i hope this helped, If you want to know anything else, you're welcome to ask me. I've only been growling and screaming for a little over a year btw, but I've read up on the subject quite a bit.


8 years ago

Neither can I.  I can't sing very well either.

Your voice may not have the range to make a real good scream.  Make what you can as a scream and raise it up a few notes.  Do that over and over until you can get it high pitched enough.

You could try dropping a sledge hammer on your foot.  I don't really suggest that but I used to work with a great big macho biker guy and he dropped one on his foot and he screamed like a little girl.