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how do I set up a donation account for someone who is hospitalized? Answered

We live in WA state and are trying to set up a donation account for someone on life support. The family needs help with medical bills, the cost of cremation and a memorial service. The bank said to go to the Washington State website and obtain a tax id number, but I am not able to find this anywhere.


Set up a blog with a PayPal donate button?


The simplest thing would be for the caregivers to simply set up an ordinary bank account, and tell people that they can deposit into it. You don't need special permission or signatures to deposit into an account. Of course the recipient would have to deal with gift tax, and the donors would not be able to write off the donation as deductable.

If you want to avoid the tax issues, you need either a lawyer or an accountant with experience in that area to advise you on what's possible. Which, depending on what donations you think you're going to get, might cost more than the tax saved. I'd start by asking local law schools whether they have a pro bono center which can give you advice on this... with the understanding that free services aren't going to be the best experts.

Obtaining a tax ID number is basically a matter of setting up a business. If you're going to try setting up a nonprofit, ask your state's department of corporations (and definitely get experts involved).

It may be much simpler to just encourage people to send checks to the family.

.  You may have/want to set up a non-profit organization in order to qualify for tax-free status and protect yourself from personal liability. Shouldn't be too hard to find an attorney/CPA to file the paperwork cheap or maybe even pro bono.


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http:// access.wa.gov