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how do I stop the mouse cursor blinking in windows xp? Answered

I have an HP Pavilion ze4200 with 192 MB RAM, Windows XP SP2, 40 GB HD. When the hard drive is operating so that I can open programs and work with files etc. the cursor starts flashing madly, and when I press any key the hard drive keeps working but the cursor stops flashing. Any reason for this?



Best Answer 8 years ago

Your cursor blinks all the time.  It is updating its position.  It does it fast enough so that moving across the screen it looks smooth.

This blinking is a second or third level operation so most anything else that the computer is doing is more important and does that first.  Writing to the computer is VERY important.  It writes stuff in chunks.  In between the chunks the hard drive releases the computer to to other things like update the curson position, scan the keyboard or what ever, then it writes some more chunks.

If your computer is fast and not running a bunch of stuff you never notice any of this.  It looks like the computer is doing a bunch of stuff at the same time.  But the computer basically can only do one thing at a time for each processor.

Your cursor is blinking because it is overloaded when writing or reading from the disk.  If it's loading a program it is working at its maximum level.

Since you can stop the blinking by hitting a key, I am thinking that you have a program that didn't load right and is waiting in the background for a key press or a piece of malware is hogging the cpu.  I really think it's something like that.

What you need to do is download "autoruns" it's free and will show you what is in all of your start files and auto running programs.  You can checkmark the ones that you don't need and on the reboot they won't start up.  If you figure out that you do need them then you can uncheckmark it and it will start up on the next reboot.

If you don't run programs like Adobe, or Frontpage, or Works or Word for example, you don't need the loaders or the preloaders running all the time.  They just save a few seconds when running the programs and they sit there all the time waiting to be used.

You need to download a virus checker and make sure that you don't have a virus running in the background.  Do this with a malware checker also.  Comodo has these for free for the home user and a system checker that works pretty well.  They are available here.

If you found this page by searching for "how to make a cursor stop blinking in Windows XP" like I did and that's all you want to do, follow these simple steps:

1. Open Control Panel.

2. Open Keyboard properties, then the Speed tab.(In Category View, first click Printers and Other Hardware.)

3. Under Cursor Blink Rate, move the slider to None and click OK.